Rodeo Queen Competition

A few outtakes from the CYRA Rodeo Finals Pageant, Topeka Kansas Expo Center October 28th 2016 / Jenna (below, Manhattan, KS) in the parking lot moments before she headed inside the arena to compete for a Rodeo Queen title.  I grew up in Topeka, Kansas, where this event took place.  It’s a shout out to all of us who grew up in wide open spaces, with no preconceived notions about what we could or couldn’t do.  These young cowgirls were hopeful.  Some confident, some nervous, some shined, some kinda tanked, but they all worked rally hard to be there that night.  That’s what I think came through…they were tenacious.  I admired that.

The Flint Hills of Kansas.

 The younger girls competing for “Little Miss” finalist, have to run their horse around the arena.  Kimbra (below) was practicing in the back arena on her horse…looking a bit nervous for her big moment in front of the crowd.

Last year’s Queen, Breah, with her horse.  She was also the MC for the event.


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