That day the seagulls gave her wings.

from a series i’m workin on involving big splashes in still waters….

Bundling up for day two today in Cape Cod. Saw two whales breach out on the water yesterday thru these windows!  Pretty magical.  A few behind the scenes here…

This is a photograph of a ballet student I took today.

This young determined dancer reminded me of me, though I was 16 when I started ballet. After an “audition,” the “fancy” jazz competition school in Kansas said I wasn’t good enough to enroll … I enrolled at a ballet school instead. I was determined to prove to myself that I could dance…and I did. I am still taking ballet and I’m still loving it.  Do what you love people.  

New (Conceptual) Pharma Print + Motion Campaign \ With a big studio and a little magic, we got this lady to float inside of water balloon in her hospital bed.

Pharma Campaign from Sara Forrest on Vimeo.

My friend Kristen, owner of Wanderbird Floral.  Pretty things.

Gotta get back into the mountains here soon…they’re calling!



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