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Gulf of Maine

when your friends are marine biologists sometimes you tap into your own biology degree memories and go out into freezing cold water and have a peek. lowest tides of the year in the gulf of maine. fun flounderin around. seriously tho, there were a lot of flounders. weird little flat buddies with two eyes on one side.  also seen were some invasive seaweed species (the red stuff) mixed with some horsetail kelp (laminaria digitata), bladder wrack (which we harvested and made smelly seaweed masks out of later – very skin tightening quality to it surprisingly), Irish moss, and of course beautiful green sea lettuce.


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Nalani + Justice

New fitness work featuring Nalani and Justice.

Side note – Nalani is wearing jewelry designed and created by yours truly.

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This campaign was created, produced, written, edited and shot by women.
For us working in the advertising industry, we know that’s kind of a big deal.
Thanks to all the people who made it happen.  

How fun was it working in TEXAS this week?! Canoeing in lakes with alligators? Count us in!

Weight Watchers / Freestyle Campaign

Weight loss is no easy feat.  That’s the super hard mental and physical life change kind of stuff.  I teamed up with Weight Watchers to photograph 3 women from all over the country who have lost weight with their new Freestyle program.  It was such a pleasure working with these strong and inspiring women!  Way to go ladies!

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If you need me, I’ll be out on the plains this week.  Staying as the only guest at a a sweet old motel in a tiny town, in Kansas.

Stay tuned…


Shell Global / Image Library Shoot

Tens of thousands of images shot over a two week road trip for Shell in Argentina in Patagonia (Bariloche) and Mar del Plata (by the sea).  A job like this is right down my road. Mountain roads, pickups, lentils over the campfire…5 layers of clothing (because the Patagonia winds were brutal at our 330am call times…ha!)

Here are a few randoms from one day after lunch when the light was high and everyone was resting.  Then some of the drive to camp.  These didn’t make any of the cuts for my site, but I think they’re fun regardless.

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