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Sunday.  Sunset.  Santa Monica.  Soccer.  Froyo.  Prework Rituals.

Behind the Scenes-ness

location scouts, chill outs, lights n action, nicaraguan healthcare, production yoga, soba for good luck and above all else – always remember that you are a unique and beautiful snowflake


workin on a sunday…time for a collage.

Back in LA for a P&G project

Wrapped a great shoot this week for Havas WW and GSK out in LA. A few bts of the last day at our last location.  We had packed shooting days, but we had a blast!

Incredibly thankful for such an amazing team out here.

Leah (below) on set. Stylist’s always have cool sunglasses.

Dude (below) got into the shot on accident…..so he had his pic taken. #madeinamerica

So many nice sunsets out here.

Flight to LA delayed. Caught these two bein’ cute in the terminal.

Fans at a Bollywood event for Shahrukh Khan, Jackson Heights, Queens

Bus Stop 1

there’s a seal down there


kiss off, winter.

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Missing a Colorado Summer…

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Urgent Care Manhattan



I have such a great respect for doctors and nurses. I never ended up using my premed degree,however, I always wonder what it would have been like to go down that road.  Healthcare selects below shot at Urgent Care Manhattan. Doctor Mark Melrose (though not pictured here) is maybe the nicest doctor in all of NYC and he heads up two emergency clinics in Manhattan.  More about them can be found here.

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Amigos, Nicaragua

WORKBOOK did a nice write-up on their blog and posted some of my personal work from Nicaragua. You can check it out here!

 View from the top of a dormant volcano called Mombacho near Granada, Nicaragua.  Shortly after this I climbed down the whole darn thing….it was so steep I did it backwards.

My friend Chris chillin at Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua.

Melissa Jo Boyles. Playa San Diego, Nicaragua.

She doesn’t like her profile, but I do.

Shannon in some sunset surf.

good memories, good friends.

Cars sport some serious tint out here in Nica.

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