Wrapped up a fun ad shoot in NYC for Lincoln Motor Co., stopped home to love on the pets, hopped on over to Chicago for another sweet lifestyle campaign then flew straight to Colorado for my wedding!

Alpine Swims, Hot Springs, Hikes, Friends, Family, Mountains, my one true love (photos to come soon)…Colorado is a favorite now and forever.  Snaps top to bottom: Friends Austin, Erin, Sabrina on hiking adventures, two people I don’t know embracing, the love of my life in a hot spring! Epic summer so far.


summer scene.

Excited to share a series of new studio portraits on my site here.  It’s funny, in a way, shooting portraits in studio feels almost more personal than shooting on location at the subject’s home or whatnot.  It feels so raw in a way.  No distractions – just a white wall and one another.

Everyone has to be vulnerable enough to let each other in.

oh, hi Summer.

The Great Bay Academy of Dance up in Kittery, Maine asked me to come up and photograph a performance.  This type of work is so fun because I can almost see myself in their shoes as a young dancer.  I love this type of documentary assignment.  It embodies so much of why I love photography.

Workin’in Florida for St. Croix Rods

Marriott TownePlace Suites Campaign and Library:

Shot a new ad campaign and image library for Marriott’s TownePlace Suites and starting to see the images drop online. Head over to their site to see the work.


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That day the seagulls gave her wings.

from a series i’m workin on involving big splashes in still waters….

Bundling up for day two today in Cape Cod. Saw two whales breach out on the water yesterday thru these windows!  Pretty magical.  A few behind the scenes here…

This is a photograph of a ballet student I took today.

This young determined dancer reminded me of me, though I was 16 when I started ballet. After an “audition,” the “fancy” jazz competition school in Kansas said I wasn’t good enough to enroll …..so I enrolled at a ballet school instead. I was determined to prove to myself that I could dance…and I did. I am still taking ballet and I’m still loving it.  Do what you love people.  

New (Conceptual) Pharma Print + Motion Campaign \ With a big studio and a little magic, we got this lady to float inside of water balloon in her hospital bed.

Pharma Campaign from Sara Forrest on Vimeo.

My friend Kristen, owner of Wanderbird Floral.  Pretty things.

Gotta get back into the mountains here soon…they’re calling!



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Some selects on childhood I pulled out for a photo contest recently.

Runner Arion shot in LA

A lil’ family pet hang out time with Burt and Poppy.

New Tears for DST Systems

New Tear for Bic

Been out in LA directing a motion project I’m super excited to share.

Thanks Sam Baker for the nice wardrobe and thanks LA models and Two Mgmt for the pretty gals.

Could these three be any more adorable? Outtakes from a directing project in the works.

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Just wrapped a great shoot in Orlando, Florida and took the last flight out to LA last night to work on directing a motion piece this week.

Scenes from a recent day trip NYC to Portland, Maine. Ok so maybe it was a 2 day trip.

Just another day on the job.


Honored the the Mother Nature Network has chosen a story I shot in collaboration with Tallgrass Parrot Sanctuary to be featured on their site:


Meet Javi, one of the 40 rescue birds now peacefully living out their lives at the Tallgrass Parrot Sanctuary in NE Kansas. Due to emotional stress and neglect, Javi is almost completely bald under his sweater and all over his body due to self mutilation/obsessive plucking to deal with distress. He, like so many parrots in the USA, was purchased without much foresight, then neglected when his owners thought of him as a toy. Parrots are not toys or hobbies or home accessories. They are highly emotional intelligent creatures that have not been domesticated like dogs/cats…and some as we all know…live longer than their human owners. I will be posting more in depth stories from the sanctuary this week as I continue editing and captioning these photos and others. To donate to Kail (the owner of the sanctuary which she is running out of her home) please visit their site here. Kail is working gathering donations to put towards a new website, an extension to the aviary so she can reclaim the rooms in their home (lol) as well as prosthetics for Baby, (second photo down) a macaw at the rescue who needs new feet.  He was imprisoned in a tiny cage with no perch and thus he is unable to perch or walk due to his human caused deformity.  

I firmly believe one of the most important parts of being a ‪#‎photographer‬ / ‪#‎storyteller‬ is to help ‪#‎create‬awareness for people doing incredible things in this world. ‪#‎parrots‬‪#‎javitheparrot‬ ‪#‎rescuebird‬ ‪#‎parrotrescue‬ ‪#‎tallgrassparrotsanctuary‬‪#‎instagram‬ ‪#‎parrotsofinstagram‬ ‪#‎beauty‬ ‪#‎love‬ ‪#‎happy‬

Also pictured is Kail’s neighbor and volunteer, Terry Manies.

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Re-editing my Ethiopia galleries.Check it out here.

May we all look ahead into the new year with sensitivity, honesty and love for our neighbors near and far.

Hoping ‪#‎elniño‬ and the drought it is causing eases up soon in ‪#‎ethiopia‬, as 80% depend on agriculture. 15 million may face starvation next year if they don’t get food assistance according to the nytimes. ‪#‎worldfoodprogram‬‪#‎agriculture‬

The remote Ethiopian Awra Amba community has some 500 members, and is lauded as a model to alleviate poverty and promote gender equality. The community is ostracized, as it does not belong to either of the two primary religious groupings — Islam or Christianity. Members of the Awra Amba community therefore were not given agricultural land to cultivate, but instead were pushed into the most infertile and malaria infested corner of the district. As they cannot live on farm activities, they have diversified into the weaving business, using both traditional and modern weaving machines. In addition, using three grinding mills provided the Regional Micro and Small Scale Enterprise Development Agency, they offer milling service to neighbouring farmers. Some members are featured here in one of their mills. The village’s success has made it a subject of numerous studies. ‪#‎awraamba‬‪#‎genderequality‬ ‪#‎ethiopia‬ ‪#‎eliminatepoverty‬ The village is unique not only for its attitudes toward gender, religion, and education, but for the social security it provides its members in need. (Text via Wiki) I toured the village, documenting their activities and was fascinated by this community.

Just felt like posting something sunny.

Seen here in Minneapolis, all week long, we’re makin our faux sun shine bright…ain’t no snow storm gonna take us down!!!!

New work out for the asthma med Breo. We had a great shoot in LA.  Excited to see it out.

Currently out on a location scout in Minneapolis for a hotel project, but wanted to post a couple images of Iranian-American fashion designer Zohreh Zarrabi I shot a couple weeks back.  Super smart and talented and it was a pleasure working with her.



Such beautiful metaphors these creatures are. “It is really strange that the four generations of these butterflies are constituted by 4 separate butterflies that complete 4 different lives/phases in just one year. After this, they restart the same cycle, commencing with the primary stage of the first generation. The fourth generation of the Monarch butterflies are the only ones that migrate, as, sadly, the butterflies of the first three generations hardly survive beyond 6 weeks of emerging from their pupas.” (Via monarch-butterfly.com)

“One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.” – W. Shakespeare

A few bts from a recent catalog shoot…

Crew Carousel, Boston.

A couple shots from an editorial / photo essay assignment I’ve been working on the past week. Featuring folks from the Franklin Oyster House.

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