Cute kiddos at my producer’s family BBQ in Portland.

Eyes at the light. Boo.


A life outdoors is a life well spent. Just ask this guy Zaps (that’s his trail name). He works at REI….when he’s not doing stuff like hiking from Mexico to Washington (on the PCT).

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New Work for Classpass

Shot an epic library for on the streets and in the studios of NYC. Now on to Portland, OR for the week!

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Capt. America & Co.

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Tim n trout.

Zach, lifeguard.

No one drowns when he’s around.



Tuckerman’s Ravine to the summit of Mt. Washington in 37 degree weather (in August) with winds at 50mph.  It was rocky and wet and windy.

The whole boulder trail was a waterfall. These are some of the only photos I got before the camera went for a swim. RIP little guy.  Cya!

In a cloud, on our hands and knees…straight up.
I love my Ahnu hiking boots. Awesome shoes.


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