From a shoot with KC Ballet

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Natalie Cargill Hiya I really like this work and has really influenced me and my dance photography it would really help if you could give me a brief bio for my journal along with why you chose to do it like this.

Sara Thanks Natalie! I have a background in ballet and just love using line/form to create imagery! Dancers are my favorite subjects and it’s just fun bouncing ideas off one another to create new work!

Chihmei L. Chen Recently, I have been trying to shoot some motion blur images, including dance movement, with long shutter speed with rear curtain flash. But, I could never get a clear image superimposed on the blurs in the same photograph. Could you please tell me how you achieve this with what kind of camera or lighting set up? Or, is this created with Photoshop or something by using two photos? Thanks.

Sara Hi Chihmei! All done in camera. Just mixing strobes with continuous lighting!

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