This Guy

Ryan Gale – owner of C&G Works, Kansas City &  King of Dudeville.

Thanks Randy Wolf, as always.

Web Thomas, owner of Frame Gallery KC.

He and the other woodworkers, including Daniel Pule, do the finest work in the area.  Great aesthetic all around, including the antique selection for sale in the front room.

And here are a few shots from my  letterpress shop  – Hammerpress.  They have awesome cards, posters, etc and owner Brady Vest is super nice…as is everyone who works there.  Good people.

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Felicia Hi Sara, The photos you took at Hammerpress are great and I was wondering if you minded if I posted some of these to my instagram/fb (w/ full credit to you)? I also happen to be in these photos! We have so many people in the shop and I almost never get to see the results.


Sara Hey Felicia! I’m so glad you got in touch! Been wanting to track you down! Yes, of course you can! My instagram is @saraforrest. I will send you the high res too! Is that email your primary email!?! I love those photos! I need to send them to you….xo

Sara Of course! Thanks for asking and I dunno why I didn’t see this comment sooner!!!!! Hope you’re doing great. x

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