From NYC to Argentina to Chicago to Boston to…

Five weeks on the road has taken me east and west and south….really far south. Here are some behind the scenes shots from our tech scouts in Patagonia (we also shot some in Mar del Plata and Buenos Aires), Argentina for Shell. An incredible three week production…made even more special by the people who made it happen. I’m so excited to share this past two months of work for Disney, Shell, TJX and PearleVision.

For now, it’s editing time….and time to carve a pumpkin.



tech scout, bariloche.

Marina Mallman our amazing prop stylist (yes, Francis is her uncle) shows me the beauty of a cyprus leaf during a tech scout.

mate break.

there was a weather day. or two.

So history has it that this 100 year old restaurant is the site of an old grocery store in Bariloche where Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid used to play cards. this place is the real deal when it comes to traditional Argentinian fare. Best dinner around.

Our chef made the team some mean lentil stew at her cabin in the national park we shot in.

Gaucho at a river crossing near Bariloche.

BTS in Mar del Plata, Argentina…before the truck got stuck in the sand.

Sofia, producer extraordinaire.

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No Coast USA

I bought a belt made by rancher Jim Thompson, 81 of Topeka, KS yesterday. He’s making goods out of leather now, as a horse fell on his good leg last year and he likes to keep busy.

Pawnee City, Nebraska

Grandma Edna, 92, with her wedding nails and v8 and vodka. Lincoln, NE She has the softest skin, the prettiest red hair and makes some killer potato rolls. She told me I have to mash potatoes before I make the rolls. Who knew? So grateful for this visit back to see my cousin on her big wedding day!

Two lane highway, somewhere in rural Nebraska.


Aerye at my favorite spot in town.

young love.

prairie sunsets are like yoga for your eyes.

mom + dad

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Shawnee Country Intertribal Pow Wow, Topeka, Kansas Sept 2, 2017


Knowee Potts of Delia KS and the Potawatomi Nation



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Where there is football, there is beer. New lifestyle work with this great team.

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Saturday Snorkel

  • When your good friends are marine scientists, you have a couple of underwater safari guides. I identified a lil shrimp dude on yesterday’s swim. 😜fun sea flower fact – scientists speculate #seaanemone proteins may help one day help restore hearing loss in mammals, like us. // #underwater #marinelife #getoutside#gounder


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